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 College of Architecture and Civil Engineering at Wenzhou University
1 Introduction to Wenzhou University
Wenzhou University (WZU) is a comprehensive and regional institution of higher education, which can be traced back to Wenzhou Normal College founded by the patriot Huang Suchu in 1933. It presents an atmosphere rich in culture and fine tradition. WZU is located in the beautiful and prosperous city of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. The Chashan Campus and Xueyuanlu Campus altogether cover an area of 157 hectares. Its main campus (Chashan Campus) lies in the Wenzhou Higher Education Park with the Luoshan Mountains to its south and Sanyang wetlands to its north, the picturesque location provides an ideal place for both personal enrichment and academic learning.
WZU has 17 colleges/schools, including two independent colleges/schools: Oujiang College and City College. Research and education at WZU spans 6 primary disciplines (master program), 36 secondary national disciplines (master program) and 50 undergraduate disciplines, covering literature, science, engineering, law, education, economics, history, management, art, philosophy and etc. Within these disciplines, WZU has 9 state and 2 municipal key disciplines.
WZU carries forward its long-standing tradition of “Nurturing Virtues and Exploring Truth” and now forges ahead with its motto of “Keep learning and seeking truth with robust pioneering spirits" for the future. The principle of “serving local society by placing people first” gives priority to quality in the development of competitive advantage, based on distinctive features and the pursuit of excellence. The university’s goal is to become a well-known teaching and research institution. It strives to serve as a base for the training of application-oriented students in innovation and entrepreneurship, serve as a local center for teacher training in both primary and secondary education, function as a center promoting the development of local high-caliber talent, and become a center of research and development for further advancement of the local culture.
2 Introduction to College of Architecture and Civil Engineering at WZU
College of Architecture and Civil Engineering (CACE) at WZU was founded in 1984. With two disciplines: Civil Engineering (State key discipline, master program) and Architecture, CACE has 3 institutions:
(a) Institution of Geotechnical Engineering,
(b)Institution of Green Buildings and Structure Engineering, and
(c)Institution of Architecture and Urban-Rural Region Planning.
As one of the leading colleges/schools at WZU, CACE has:
(a) State Innovation Center of Tideland Reclamation and Protection of Ecosystem,
(b) State Key Laboratory of Soft Soil Foundation and Tideland Reclamation,
(c) Municipal Key Research Center of Building Energy-Saving/Emission-Reduction and Disaster-Mitigation
(d) Laboratory Education Center
CACE has advanced equipment and devices for research and education, undertakes 31 national projects, thus forming state/municipal innovation teams in terms of Soft Soil Foundation and Tideland Reclamation, Green Buildings and Structure Engineering, and Disaster-Mitigation.
As a comprehensive and regional institution of higher education, WZU has been working on the enhancement of academy and improvement of working platform for every academician. WZU welcomes everyone to join us, promoting research/education and paving platform for success.
3 Selection criteria and salary/allowances
A) Distinguished Professorships 
WZU is recruiting leading talents with international influence and academic reputation, includes:
1) Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering
2) Yangtze River Scholar
3) The national government’s “1000 Talents Plan”
4) The 1000 Young Talents Program
5) The national government’s “10 000 Talents Plan”
B) Outstanding Professorships 
WZU is recruiting outstanding scholars with international influence and academic reputation. Several types of outstanding professorships are available through provincial-level programs,includes:Qianjiang River Scholar, state government’s “1000 Talents Plan”.Candidates must be maximum of 50 years’ old,achieve good academic reputation, receive national key or distinguished research grants, would be able to lead research in a certain discipline.  
C) Excellent Professorships 
WZU is recruiting excellent scholars with national influence and academic reputation. Candidates must meet following selection criteria:
1) Hold full professorship position, be maximum of 45 years’ old,achieve good academic reputation, be able to lead a research group in a certain discipline; or
2) Doctor obtained from overseas, have the potential to be an excellent professor, or
3) Hold associated professorship position, be able to lead advanced research in a certain area.
D) Outstanding doctors, post-doctors (both overseas and domestic), specialists and principal engineers.
Candidates must be less than 40 years old, good at research/education and capable to build up leading discipline team(research/education) are welcomed.
Salary package
Talent Class
Position Level
Start-up fund(RMB)
Relocation Fee(RMB)
Housing Allowance
Other Allowance
Distinguished Professorships 
Discuss with us in terms of salary and other allowances.
Outstanding Professorships
Chair Professor Salary: 350 000-700 000 RMB
More than 300 000RMB
100 000RMB
Free apartment (120 m2)
High academic award and assistance for children’s education and offering job for spouse
Excellent Professorships
Professor (Level 1-4)
150 000—300 000 RMB
80 000RMB
Free apartment (90-100 m2)
High academic award and assistance for children’s education
Outstanding doctors
Faculty (Level 5-7)
30 000—100 000 RMB
50 000 RMB
400 000-700 000 RMB
High academic award and assistance for children’s education
Note that, apart from the above salary package, candidates also can apply the Talent Program on platform from National, State, and municipal levels, WZU would give additional reward for successful candidates.
4 Disciplines of candidates
All candidates needs to be awarded Doctor Degree, have good publication in journals indexed by web of science (SCI) (except candidates in Architecture), outstanding Doctors and post-doctors in the following disciplines are welcomed.:
Disciplines of candidates
Research/education areas
Required Degree
1 Architectural design and theory               2 History and principles of architecture          3 Arts of Building                           4 Building technology                        5 Green building                             6 Ancient building repair and protection
Structure Engineering
1 Basic theory of concrete structure             2 New material and new structure               3 Seismic of concrete structure                 4 Durability of concrete structure                5 Numerical analysis in structure engineering        6 Impact and structure dynamics
Geotechnical Engineering
1 Ground improvement                       2 Soil dynamics                             3 constitutive model of geo-materials             4 Numerical analysis in geotechnical engineering    5 Environmental and geotechnical engineering
Civil Engineering Material
1 High performance fiber cement-based composite materials                                  2 Nano and modified concrete materials         3 Phase-change materials and their application in civil engineering materials                    4 High performance eco- environment-friendly civil engineering materials                        5 Theory and technology of intelligent civil engineering materials                        6 Theory and technology of Functional civil engineering materials                         7 Renewable concrete materials, and the theory and technology of efficient utilization of industrial waste                                     8 Mechanism of microstructure evolution and damage degradation process in civil engineering materials; and the prediction of service life
9 In-situ toughening theory and technology of concrete material                               10 Mechanism of microstructure evolution, and numerical simulation for formation and damage degradation process of high and ultra-high performance cement-based materials. Etc.
Building Energy-Saving and Emission-Reduction
1 Energy-saving and environmental-friendly building                                   2 Building energy-saving system, environmental simulation                                 3 Sustainable building                        4 Solar building integration                     5 Building energy-saving materials             6 Shading and natural ventilation                7 Thermo-air conditioning, temperature and humidity in building environment
Bridge and Tunneling Engineering   
1 Modern bridge type and design theory of bridge structure
2. Evaluation of bridge structure damage and integrity
3. Wind resistance and earthquake for bridge
4. Dynamic response of bridge structure
5. Design theory for tunnel and underground engineering
6. Structural theory of underground railway and light rail engineering 
7. Information technology for tunnel and underground engineering
8. Modern design theory of shield tunnel.        9. Pavement material (etc. asphalt)
Disaster-Mitigation Engineering
Earthquake, typhoon, landslide, debris flow, geological disaster, underground engineering construction cause disasters:                   1 Mechanism of all kinds of disasters, damage effect and its tendency                        2 Damage mechanism, structural response analysis method and test technology for all kinds of engineering structure and engineering system under disaster                                   3 Wind Engineering (theory, monitoring and simulation)                                 4 Earthquake Engineering (theory, monitoring and simulation)
5 Contact information
Mail address: College of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Wenzhou University, Chashan University Park, Wenzhou, Zhejiang,325035, China.
Phone:+86 13706659656 (Prof. Sun)
Web for human resource department: http://rsc.wzu.edu.cn/