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Construction Institute held a "spirit of the implementation of the ideological and political work conference of the province's colleges and universities"

Date:2017-04-17 comefrom Click:
 April 13 at 12:30 in the 7A201 Construction Institute held a "Construction Institute of the implementation of the ideological and political work of the province's ideological and political work" group of cadres to learn the topic of learning. Participate in the study will have the deputy secretary of the Party branch of the construction of the Communist Party of China Ye Zhengfei, Communist Party Secretary Pan Lili, counselor Liu Mingmei and the construction of the Communist Youth League students all student cadres.
  Mr. Ye Zhengfei first introduced to the 16 years of national ideological and political work conference and held in February this year, the province's ideological and political work of the basic situation. Ye Shuji pointed out that we should earnestly study and implement the new speech of the general secretary series of Xi Jinping and the new thinking of the new concept of governing the country, and put the Lide tree as the foundation of the university and speed up the construction of the higher education province. Combined with the actual situation of the school, Ye Shuji stressed that the majority of student cadres to lead by example, take the initiative to think as positive, and he is the student number is the cadres put forward four expectations: First, do their own, in the ideological and moral and blood strict demands on themselves, To do a good job model role; Second, the service classmates, and constantly improve the awareness of student cadres and services; Third, create an atmosphere, and strive to create a good style of study style; Fourth, we must have dedication, dedication, dedication to the motherland, society, school development Build their own strength.
  Followed by the League Committee data Pan Lili to speak. Pan Lili teacher on the cadre work and life put forward three points. First of all, the group counselor can communicate with the teacher on the work and life learning difficulties; Secondly, the group should be a positive spirit of the face of all things, the outstanding as a habit, and resolutely carry the responsibility of management With the obligation to do their own, to enhance the ideological and moral cultivation and academic learning ability. Finally, the group of officers to keep, prudent and arrogant, not to their own school for the cadre and look down on other students.
  The group study of cadres will not only point out the work of the group work direction, and strengthen the teacher and student contact. At the same time, the group secretary is also aware of their own mission and responsibility, give full play to the main force of the cadres and the guiding role, in order to improve the quality of school work to contribute their own force.